Personnel record management is the heart and soul of effective personnel management. No other records have a more direct impact on the employee relationship. Personnel records document the contractual relationship between employer and employees, and the employee’s confidential career history in the organization. When personnel records — and the sensitive information within — are not managed properly, total chaos can result. Access must be accordingly restricted to a select few in the organization.

Critical audit trails are the key factor here: personnel records have to be continually updated (in the event of benefits, reviews, promotions, etc.) and these changes must be documented. This audit trail stands testament to the facts in the event of company disputes, protecting everyone involved and helping to head off internal conflicts.

Selecting the correct technological platform for safety compliance management and personnel management is imperative to achieving a stable audit trail. Mistakes in employee personnel records must be quickly tracked and corrected, creating teachable moments that help managers and supervisors better understand personnel procedures and policy. Software that automates personnel records provides a secure pathway to all these benefits and more: supervisors and human resources staff don’t have to spend their valuable time hunting for personnel records information.