Compliance Safety Manager

Compliance Safety Software

Compliance Safety Manager™ saves time, money and liability exposure by providing accountability and risk management for both personnel and equipment assets across organizations in multiple industries. This automated compliance safety software solution is important to the organization and implementation of your safety and compliance programs because:

  • You receive a proven and sustainable framework for information and regulatory compliance tracking – for employees and equipment.
  • You are able to capture and utilize all compliance and regulatory information, including training, licenses, certifications, inspection, permits and expiration alerts on all critical due dates.

Why Compliance & Safety?

Organizations of all sizes face enormous challenges in maintaining regulatory compliance of assets – both personnel and equipment.  Many companies still utilize old software, Excel spreadsheets or file cabinets to store and track their documents. Compliance Safety Manager™ is the only online software platform and training library backed by accredited onsite support that makes meeting the demands of OSHA, DOT, EPA and safety mandates simple.

  • Increase the value of your information
  • Reduce business and personal risk
  • Streamline the delivery and management of asset information throughout the organization with our document repository.

Compliance Safety Manager™ is controlled by experts in industrial safety. The Compliance Safety Manager™ team combines extensive subject matter expertise with deep consulting, practitioner and product development experience covering accountability and risk management for personnel and equipment assets.

Our compliance safety software serves clients across all industrial and local government sectors, including: manufacturing, construction, food distribution, building materials, concrete, asphalt, lumber, towing, heavy equipment, excavation, waste management, utility companies and more.

The compliance safety manager tool is shown as a screenshot on a desktop.

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