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Change Their Behaviors;
Change the Results

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. It’s trite, but true. Merely telling drivers to do their job “safer” doesn’t work. Training is the way you change the behaviors that lead to the safer results you want.

PRO-TREAD online training lets your drivers log into their assigned courses anywhere there’s an internet connection. It works on computers, laptops or mobile devices — even some on-board devices. Courses are in-depth, providing the highest-quality training in the trucking industry.

Training Improves All Areas of Operations

The amazing thing about training with PRO-TREAD, the No. 1 online training provider, is how it improves more than just safety. See how training pays off in their whitepaper on Fleet Training ROI. Fleets report:

  • Fewer crashes
  • Increase in MPG
  • Longer equipment life
  • Fewer HOS violations
  • Reduced driver turnover
  • Fewer citations
  • Culture of personal responsibility

End Fleet Safety Problems with PRO-TREAD
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Online Training: Faster and More Frequent

With online training, you save money by not bringing drivers back to headquarters on their day off for classroom training. You’re not paying a trainer or buying expensive DVDs. PRO-TREAD gives you active training on the drivers’ time and on their schedule. Courses are split into short segments, and they never have to go back to the start. Finally, since each course is about 25 minutes total, you can easily assign courses more frequently, which keeps safety top of mind.

Huge Library of Specific Courses

You can pick from among 105 different courses, all up-to-date. Many different types of vehicle and trailer are covered, including box trucks, tankers, flatbeds, forklifts, and even passenger cars. You can assign training to an individual, to a group, or company-wide. Courses cover:

  • Safe driving
  • Regulations
  • HOS and logbooks
  • Hazmat
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Health and wellness
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Forklift, warehouse, and safe lifting

Tailor and Track Assignments to Remediate DOT Issues

PRO-TREAD meets the standard if you must remediate an issue through training due to a DOT audit. You’ll find several courses you can assign that show you’re training your fleet. You’ll have records kept by PRO-TREAD, and you can print certificates for driver files as well. All training has “mastery-based” quizzes throughout — a driver must show they understand the basics before they move onto the more advanced topics.

Custom Training Production Available

If you have your own training videos or content, they can be added to the PRO-TREAD online system. Or you can use Instructional Technologies’ production services to create new courses specific to your fleet’s needs. This lets you track completions and keep all training in one place.

Training that Changes the Mind and the Heart

Drivers tell us over and over that they actually get something out of PRO-TREAD. Unlike most other training, which is seen as a burden, PRO-TREAD treats drivers with respect and professionalism. The information is relevant to their life on the road, and gives them safer, smarter ways to approach the job.


PRO-TREAD Product Snapshot
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