OSHA Audits

OSHA Audits

Why wait for an EPA, OSHA, or USDA audit to find out if you are in compliance with the current environmental, safety, and food regulations when you can retain Craig Safety Technologies’ services to help you identify your vulnerabilities and potential regulatory violations?

We will help you identify areas of potential non-compliance and make recommendations for their resolution. This enables you to resolve the problems before an EPA, OSHA, or DOT audit finds them.

In addition to helping you avoid regulatory penalties, a Craig Safety Technologies audit by one of our consultants will help you reduce costs by identifying pollution prevention and safe work practices.

All audits conducted by Craig Safety Technologies consist of three components:

Records Review

Craig Safety Technologies consultants will review your permits, written procedures, and compliance agreements to determine site-specific requirements applicable to your facility. We’ll also review state and municipal regulations that go beyond the federal requirements to ensure that nothing is missed. Where applicable, we’ll review documentation on your facility in government files.

Facility Assessment

Your facility will be thoroughly inspected to determine compliance with applicable federal, state, and local OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations. Our safety and environmental consultants will assess your facility’s compliance with your permits and determine whether any procedures, equipment or additional permits are needed to meet the latest environmental, transportation and safety regulations.

Audit Report

Craig Safety Technologies’ audit report will identify areas of potential non-compliance and present recommendations for bringing any areas of imminent hazards into regulatory compliance. Our consultant’s report can also describe best management practices which, while not necessarily required, could save your company money and help with regulatory compliance. If requested, we can assist you in tracking the resolution of any audit findings.

Contact us today to discuss how a Craig Safety Technologies’ audit by one of our experienced consultants will benefit your facility before any EPA, OSHA or DOT audits happen.

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