OSHA Compliance

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When your business needs safety and compliance expertise, Craig Safety provides custom consulting that fits your needs. Put our expertise to work for you to address safety audits, OSHA inspections, citations, and other regulatory compliance challenges impacting your business operations.

Outsourced Safety Solutions

Craig Safety provides total outsourced solutions for all safety, transportation and environmental needs or an ongoing advisory relationship. Our Consultants design programs with the long-term in mind. They provide details on how to implement change, measure progress, and ensure your efforts have lasting positive effects. We can complete the tasks that a staff safety does for large corporations, but at a fraction of the cost.

Safety Training

Craig Safety Consultants work with you to understand and deliver what you specifically need, from instructor-led classroom training, web-based training, on-site training at your locations around the country.

Safety Audits and Inspections

Designed to give an independent unbiased assessment of status and performance, our safety audits and inspections provide comprehensive on-site analysis. These audits identify the strengths and weaknesses of a safety program.

Accident and Incident Inspections

We provide thorough investigation and reporting of accidents and incidents including catastrophes and fatalities. These reports are valuable because they serve as the basis for analyzing causes and for recommending risk improvements to prevent similar events in the future.

Citation Negotiation Assistance

Craig Safety provides assistance with strategies in the reporting and negotiation of OSHA, DOT, and Environmental type citations. The negotiating of regulatory citations can be a slippery slope to ascend. Ensuring you respond in a timely and concise manner is important. Having an experienced professional guide you through the process can help to avoid missteps.

Custom Safety Programs

We custom design our safety and written programs for each individual client. Whether it’s help with filling out the OSHA 300 log or a hazardous material question we are there to help. Instead of cookie cutter solutions and fill- in- the- blank programs, we design our programs around the needs of each client. These written programs fill the needs of OSHA requirements as well as providing general safety policies for the client. Instead of a safety manual full of fluff, we keep our programs to the point, so that everyone knows what is required of them.

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