Despite the amount of regulatory and liability exposure inherent in so many workplace processes, an alarmingly high number of businesses still have no systematized way to assess and prepare for risk, loss and injury. Not having these plans in place compounds the drag that issues like poor asset management and safety regulations compliance place on any business.

Given the many areas of exposure and the variables of each, analyzing and putting programs in place may seem overwhelming. In such situations, it is best to break the large liabilities down to specific areas of concern, and focus on the discrete concerns of each, one at a time, until efforts add up to a comprehensive safety compliance management framework that prepares and protects the whole organization.

In my next blog posts, I’ll share five major challenges to reducing your regulatory burden, and suggest ways to approach each. (You may also download the free Five Toughest Challenges of Regulatory Compliance ) The list is by no means definitive, but these challenges are salient and reoccur across many companies, in many industries. Identifying them and crafting a systematized response will create major headway for any company faced with a daunting universe of safety compliance issues.

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