Become Proactive with DOT GPS Tracking SystemsFor DOT GPS Tracking Systems Craig Safety Technologies is proud to partner with Forward Thinking

DOT GPS Tracking Systems from Forward Thinking will take your fleet to the next level by gathering all vehicle and driver activity, and presenting it to you in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You’ll cut costs, improve customer service, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

DOT GPS Tracking Systems from Forward Thinking is a sensible and affordable solution for EOBRs and GPS tracking. Maintaining a coherent driver log book is much easier with an electronic logging system. You’ll improve compliance, your CSA score and management. Forward Thinking Systems offers several electronic logbook solutions. All are easy to use, easy to understand and compliant with the Department of Transportation’s regulations.

Driving behavior and performance should not stay hidden. Great drivers should be rewarded and bad ones should be encouraged to improve their performance. By exposing driver behavior and green driving patterns you can improve your fleet and add real hard dollars to the bottom line.

DOT GPS Tracking Systems from Forward Thinking measures your drivers’ performances and grades them fairly according to their patterns of behavior. Using this system will open your eyes to problematic drivers and help you maintain the high standard you already strive for.

The standard paper log book served us well for decades, but it wasn’t easy. We had to sit and calculate and draw and write, and nobody enjoyed it. Today, we can finally say goodbye to that frustrating book and enjoy the simplicity of good technology. Electronic Driver Logs are easy to use and are practically automatic. They do all the calculating for you, prevent user errors, improve CSA scores, and help you save money by saving time.

The DOT GPS Tracking Systems from Forward Thinking web portal brings driver logs to life by showcasing and explaining them. Here, logs can be viewed and corrected (if the driver made a mistake) to make sure your CSA scores remain spotless.

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