Cash-Wa Relies on Craig Safety Technologies Product to Stay Maintained and Compliant as They Rack up Six Million Miles a Year in Nine-State Territory

Cash-Wa Distributing (CWD), a leading Midwest food distributor that depends on hundreds of vehicles to serve clients in nine states, turned to Compliance Safety ManagerTM to enhance safety, maximize the value of warranties and equipment, and protect the company from potentially costly intervention by regulatory agencies as its business operations grew. Compliance Safety Manager is a comprehensive and highly flexible web-based solution that enables organizations to create a defensible framework for regulatory compliance across multiple agencies including OSHA, EPA, DOT and MSHA in a single repository. Compliance Safety Manager is distributed by Craig Safety Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of safety and risk management solutions for personnel and equipment assets.

A growing enterprise in its third generation of family operation, CWD’s fleet has grown from 50 trucks in 1995 to over 165 power units; 200 trailers; and 100 cars, pickups, and vans today. With the recent addition of a 71,300-square-foot frozen foods warehouse and 16 new truck docks in 2010, regulatory, tracking, and maintenance issues have only become more complex. CWD’s safety and fleet managers count on Compliance Safety Manager to keep the company prepared for intensive audits and drive money-saving maintenance, warranty and repair monitoring. CWD also uses Compliance Safety Manager to monitor a money-saving tire wear tracking and maintenance program in concert with a vendor.

“It met our needs and continues to as our business grows and gets more logistically complex,” said Tom Henning, CEO of CWD. “I know we made the right move. Compliance Safety Manager has had a positive impact on our decisions, helping us maximize cost per mile and per rig. We’ll continue to trust Compliance Safety Manager to help keep us running safe and strong and make our business more efficient.”

Adds Brenda Craig, CEO of Craig Safety Technologies, “Between DOT, CSA, OSHA and other mandates, fleet managers and safety managers have a lot of important details to manage across multiple departments and disciplines. We are very pleased that Cash-Wa Distributing and other leading organizations find it easier to stay safe and compliant by using Compliance Safety Manager.”

About Cash-Wa Distributing

Kearney, Nebraska-based Cash-Wa Distributing is a leading Midwest food distributor, employing more than 500 people and serving convenience stores, schools, hospitals and multi-unit institutions in a nine-state area. For more information, please visit