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GHS-HAZCOM Labeling Compliance: 6/1/16

GHS-HAZCOM can be puzzling; another big piece is about to be dropped into place. GHS-HAZCOM Labeling Compliance: 6/1/16 for Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, must be in place. If you are currently using the ANSI model, you’ll want to switch to GHS to be compliant. What will the changes be? The areas
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Integrity and Competence in Safety Management

  Integrity and Competence and Safety Management Developing talented people who can take on responsibilities and attain objectives is what leaders are looking for in managers.  Integrity and competence are key factors for building a culture. Below is a great Article written by Dr. Thomas Krause on leadership traits and how to build a safety
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It’s Back to School Time!

Fall is coming and its back to school time! Idealease had an excellent back to school article that is a good reminder that little people and busses are back on the streets again and we need to take precautions.   Back to School Safety! Pedestrian-vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death for children ages
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Electrical Safety Tips

Top Tips for Preventing Electrical Accidents. Did you know that if you hit power lines while driving, your best move is to stay inside the car? Or what to do after you hit the power lines? The fact is, every year, workplace electrical incidents result in more than 300 deaths and 3,500 injuries. On the
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