Personnel Compliance Software

Compliance Safety Manager’s (CSM) Personnel Management Solution is a robust and feature rich hosted Department of Transportation (DOT) Driver Compliance, HR and Learning Management System (LMS). This CSM Solution is fully customizable with no download, installation, maintenance or upgrading required; and it can be set up in just 15 minutes!

Our Personnel Management Solution was specifically designed to manage and store Driver Qualification (DQ) files that are mandated by the DOT and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). According to Part 391 of the FMCSA Guidelines, “Each motor carrier shall maintain a driver qualification file for each driver it employs. A driver’s qualification file may be combined with his/her personnel file”.

Whether you have one driver or one thousand, you must maintain the same files on each driver or face fines and penalties from the DOT when you are audited – and YOU WILL BE AUDITED eventually. CSM enables you to maintain all of your driver qualification files in one central location.

The system is driven by DOT rules that guide you through what is required. No more guesswork! The system generates alert emails to one or more designated employees when a license is about to expire, an annual MVR report is due, or annual Drug Testing is required. Canned reports are available to manage your compliance in an organized and efficient manner. Throw away those spreadsheets and sign up for CSM!

Maintaining employee records is a basic HR function; however, if you do not have a proper storage mechanism and reporting tool, this can be extremely challenging and can result in employee dissatisfaction, potential security violations, loss of data, missed deadlines and more.

Compliance Safety Manager’s Personnel Solution was specifically designed to streamline the tracking, archiving and referencing of personnel records.  With our simple uploading procedure you can save time and reduce risks knowing that all of your critical HR documents are stored and backed up in our web based system. Never wonder where a document is or spend countless hours searching for it. It can be stored in CSM and is easily accessible.

The CSM Personnel Solution tracks employee demographics, HR paperwork, driver qualification files, notes and documents associated with an employee.  Customized reporting and email alerts keep you abreast of critical information. Don’t waste days creating reports when CSM will generate all of your necessary reports with a click of a button.

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