Maximizing Asset Value and Avoiding Disruptive Breakdowns with Compliance Safety ManagerTM

Compliance Safety Manager™ (CSM) provides safety and fleet professionals with an easy-to-implement, web-based solution to manage equipment assets across the organization. This automated solution effortlessly handles an unlimited number of preventive maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles in a fleet. CSM allows users to monitor and track maintenance to vehicles and their subsystems (engines, tires, hydraulics, etc.) and captures detailed information on each asset type, storing and archiving documents for warranties, scheduling work orders, licensing due dates, costs, preventative maintenance and service records, usage, and reporting.

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Weekly email alerts beginning 45 days out (or with customized timing) to assigned users keeps key personnel aware of all upcoming maintenance, repair and performance data and events. Maintenance can be monitored by odometer mileage, hours, days, specified calendar dates, or days of the week. You can even create a standard Preventive Maintenance Plan that can be used for multiple assets of the same type.

Leading companies utilize the easy-to-use software to look for repeat equipment failures, control costs, and take full advantage of warranties. One example is a large food distribution company whose vehicles log a collective six million miles a year covering the company’s nine-state service area. CSM alerted the client to early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue and monitored performance based on fuel and/or oil consumption, fuel per mile/hour/usage and oil per mile/hour/usage. Automated reports help the client’s fleet managers spot potential problems before they become serious headaches.

Compliance Safety Manager Helps Companies with Asset Management issues such as:

Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance
Roadside inspections
Fuel Cost Tracking
Usage Reports
Purchase Orders
Repair Histories
Tire Tracking
Parts Inventory
Warranty Tracking
Fuel Tracking

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