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Craig Safety specializes in providing accountability and risk management for personnel and equipment assets for organizations across multiple industries. Specifically Craig Safety services include: conducting on-site assessments of compliance readiness (Both DOT and OSHA), training, written safety management plans and prescribing and implementing activities to ensure compliance with federal regulations. In 2004, Craig Safety delivered the industry’s first comprehensive patented software to document DOT and OSHA compliance activities necessary to comply with federal mandates.


Our company was founded in 1998 by Brenda Craig, an acknowledged leader in regulatory safety. Her father started his business with a $500 loan. When he sold it to Kraft Foods in 1986, it was one of the Top 50 food distributors in the US. This experience was the road map that empowered her to explore possibilities, take risks, solve problems, and continually innovate in order to build a successful risk management company from the ground up.

We’re experts in DOT and OSHA compliance, audits and training. If your company is looking for a risk management partner known for innovation and industry knowledge, you’ve found the right company in Craig Safety Technologies.


News and Alerts

  • FMCSA shuts down Ohio-based fleet for bevy of maintenance, hours violations

    Three-truck Ohio-based fleet Garfield Trucking has been issued an effective shutdown order following... Read More

  • Highway bill presents tough challenges for FMCSA

    Bill Quade is in charge of implementing new programs and regulations for the Federal... Read More

  • House clears highway bill that would remove CSA scores, change driver drug testing, set up graduated CDL

    The U.S. House of Representatives passed by a 363-64 vote Thursday, Nov. 4,... Read More

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