FMCSA Safety Rating Help

Having a poor rating is a serious situation, and it requires action. We have been helping companies like yours with compliance issurs for more than 15 years. At Craig Safety Technologies (CST), we work to get and keep companies DOT compliant – with 100% success rate.

Safety ratings are determined by a compliance review which is an on-site examination of motor carrier operations. The Inspecting Agent will look at:

· drivers’ hours of service
· maintenance and inspection
· driver qualification
· commercial drivers’ license requirements
· financial responsibility
· accidents
· hazardous materials
· and other safety and transportation records

Then we determine whether a motor carrier meets the safety rating fitness standard. A compliance review may be conducted in response to a request to change a safety rating, to investigate potential violations of safety regulations by motor carriers, or to investigate complaints, or other evidence of safety violations. The compliance review may result in the initiation of an enforcement action.

One of three safety ratings will be issued following a compliance review:

Satisfactory – A Satisfactory rating means that a motor carrier has in place and functioning adequate safety management controls to meet the safety fitness standard prescribed in §385.5 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).

Conditional – This rating means a motor carrier does not have adequate safety management controls in place to ensure compliance with the safety fitness standard found in §385.5 of the FMCSR.

Unsatisfactory – An Unsatisfactory rating means a motor carrier does not have adequate safety management controls in place to ensure compliance with the safety fitness standard which has resulted in occurrences listed in §385.5 (a) through (k)of the FMCSR. This proposed rating means that you will be prohibited to operate a CMV.

Risks of Having a Bad DOT Safety Rating

Criminal and Civil Prosecution

If your drivers are involved in an accident, then you are responsible, regardless of who is at fault!
Higher Insurance Premiums
Lost Loads and Business
An Injured Reputation

The Craig Safety Approach

Companies with poor Safety Ratings often lack adequate safety management policies and procedures. This can lead to higher insurance premiums and an increased likelihood of litigation after an accident. At Craig Safety we work with you and your team to quickly and simply implement a plan to get you back on the right road. Your new plan may include:

  •  A new, custom Safety Management Plan (SMP)
  • Incorporation of Compliance Safety Manager (CSM) software
  • Driver reviews
  • Reviews of DOT correspondences and inspections
  • Web based training

Our final step is to write a letter to DOT on your behalf in which we detail your business’ new plan and your new commitment to safety, in an effort to ensure your safety rating upgrade. Having a poor safety rating is serious and requires action. We know this is serious because we have been helping companies like yours for over 15 years.