The annual CVSA Brake Safety Week is right around the corner. The week-long brake inspection campaign runs September 7-13, 2014. Commercial vehicle inspectors will be out in full force throughout the U.S. and Canada conducting Level 4 inspections. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes will result in the vehicle being placed out of service.


In addition to brake inspections, CMV inspectors will also be checking:

  •  Driver License
  •  Registration
  •  Low Air Warning Device
  •  Pushrod Travel (Adjustment)
  •  Brake Linings/Drums
  •  Air Loss Rate (If leak detected)
  •  Tractor Protection System

Last year during 2013 Brake Safety Week 20,067 vehicles were inspected.:

  • 1,811 or 9% of vehicles were placed OOS for brake adjustment  (9.4% in 2012, 8.4% in 2011, 8.9% in 2010).
  • 1,434 or 7.1% of vehicles were placed OOS for brake components (7.8% in 2012, 7.9% in 2011, 8% in 2010).
  • 2,714 or 13.5% of vehicles were placed OOS for brakes overall (15.3% in 2012, 14.2% in 2011, 13.5% in 2010).

More than 3.4 million brakes have been inspected since the program’s inception. “This achievement shows that we are moving in the right direction,” said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne S. Ferro, ”but the results also reveal that collective efforts are still necessary to make commercial vehicle operations across the continent the safest possible. We thank CVSA and all of its members for their professionalism and dedication – not only during Brake Safety Week – but every day enforcing commercial vehicle safety regulations that protect the motoring public.”

Brake Safety Week Resources for Drivers:

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