Whether you’ve just been assigned to a position in your company’s safety department, you are the safety department or you are just overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities now is the time to ensure that your safety program is prepared for 2012. You know that a lot of people are counting on you, and that it’s an important job.

In 2011, a few common – and preventable – workplace safety violations tripped up employers over and over: OSHA issued:

• 7,139 violations relating to fall protection
• 7,069 violations relating to scaffolding
• 6,538 violations relating to hazcom

Was your organization among those fined? If not, you may have just gotten lucky, as far too many workplaces make the very same costly missteps over and over. Penalties range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. Plus, if a violation is found to be “willful,” penalties could be significantly magnified.

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to audit your workplace for safety compliance and fix any problems – before they come to the attention of OSHA (or, worse still, cause a disastrous accident).  A good program can reduce costs, minimize or even largely eliminate accidents, assure compliance with applicable OSHA regulations, help maintain a stable workforce, and contribute to the company’s public image and employee morale.  And it’s easier to get rolling than you might think.

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