International CVSA Roadcheck 2015  is right around the corner.

Once again the CVSA Roadside Inspection Blitz is almost upon us.  Typically that means that some drivers are taking the week off to avoid the Roadcheck 2015, but hopefully most drivers are not worried and are ready for an inspection anytime.

Consider this… during Roadcheck 2014:

  • 73,475 roadside inspections were conducted
  • Of the 49,656 Level I inspections conducted, 23% were found with Out-of-Service (OOS) vehicle violations
  • The driver out-of-service rate was 4.8%
  • 825 seatbelt violations issued
  • Of the 5,738 inspections of hazardous materials/dangerous goods (HM/TDG) transporters, 16% experienced vehicle OOS violations

This year drivers can expect to get a Level One full inspection if they are stopped.  This is standard procedure for the Roadcheck 2015 operations.  However, unlike last year, the focus will be on Cargo Securement, which means that they are going to be taking a closer look at your loads to make sure you are adequately and correctly secured.

According to Vigillo,

“During the Roadcheck calendar year 2014 approximately 80% of Cargo related Out of Service (OOS) violations were comprised of the following violations:

  • Fail to Load/Equip Vehicle To Prevent Load Shifting/Falling – 393.100A
  • Leaking/Spilling/Blowing/Falling Cargo –  393.100B
  • Insufficient Tiedowns; Without Headerboard/Blocking – 393.110B
  • Failing To Secure Load – 392.9A

Remember these were just the OOS violations.  Today’s environment requires that a carrier look at ways to prevent all violations, not just the ones found by the OOS.  Every point counts! This Roadcheck data contains all violations for Cargo Securement that were issued during the prior 24 months (April 2013 to April 2015).”


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