FMCSA Announces Changes to Reporting of Adjudicated Citations.

fmcsa_logo_bannerOn August 20, there was a webinar hosted by the FMCSA that addressed the newly designed site and guidance on dealing with adjudicated CSA citations.  Here are some facts that might help you when dealing with adjudicated citations.

  1. The program began on August 23, 2014 and is not retroactive for citations occurring before August 23, 2014.  So, nothing before that date will be considered, the program simply does not cover those citations.
  2. Only adjudicated citations will be considered, that being said, only citations that the charges were changed or dismissed will be considered.  No convicted or citations-in-progress will be considered.
  3. All citations must be done through the DataQ program.  You must go in and submit a Request for Data Review (RDR).  Make sure you provide all information on the original inspection and/or citation.
  4. State your case simply and briefly asking for a review.
  5. You must provide the paperwork from the court that shows the dismissal or change of charges.
  6. Upload the documentation into the DataQ program or the request will be denied.

To recap – to change Adjudicated CSA Citations remember, no citations before August 23rd, no convicted of or convictions-in-progress are going to be adjusted off your record. Only dismissals will be removed and charges changed from the original citation can be processed (these will still show with changes, but be reduced to 1 point).  All paperwork must be submitted through the DataQ system, including the court paperwork.  Then and only then can your request for review be considered.

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