Post  OSHA 300 Log Summary Page

Time for companies to post the OHSA 300 Summary page, Form OSHA 301 in a common area that employees can access from February 1 to April 30.

Click picture to go to the OSHA 300 Log form on line.

Post OSHA 300 summary

COmpliance Safety Manager (CSM),  a unique Craig Safety Technologies SaaS software program,  has an Accident Reporting module.   Simply submit your written accident or report of injury report to your CST Account manager and they input it into the program.  The program has a decision tree that will automatically decide if that accident or injury must go on the OSHA 300 log.  This allows the complete OSHA 300 log to be prepared and printed at year end.  It also provides the summary report, all you need to do is post it.

CSM also provides compliance for employees, Driver Qualification files, Asset Management, Vehicle Maintenance files and Training,  all of which are managed by your personal account manager.  Think of the time saved and the convenience of being alerted proactively about upcoming compliance needs.  The program provides many more services to make safety and compliance easy and manageable, including your drug and alcohol testing and consortium needs.

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