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What to Do After A Driver has an Accident

AN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT CAN BE AN EXTREMELY UPSETTING AND STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE. HOWEVER, IT’S CRITICAL FOR DRIVERS TO KEEP THEIR COMPOSURE AND TAKE CERTAIN STEPS IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING A CRASH. Employees driving company vehicles must abide by fleet policy at all times, especially in the event of an accident. One of the first things to do following
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4 Critical Functions of a Safety Committees

Safety committees differ from industry to industry and workplace to workplace. But certain characteristics are common for success At a minimum, a safety committee should perform four critical functions for your organization: 1.   Analyze accident investigation reports and determine root causes. The committee is not the judge and jury on accident investigation, but it does
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7 Ways to Recognize Workplace Violence

I am pleased to announce that Craig Safety Technologies along with the Alliance Against Workplace Violence will commemorate the month of April, 2012 as Workplace Violence Awareness Month.  This month we hope to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace violence incidents and promote campaigns of remembrance for those workers who have been injured or
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