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Grim 2016 National Stat: Trench collapse fatalities doubled

 Grim 2016 National Stat: Trench collapse fatalities doubled U.S. Department of Labor November 17, 2016 Ohio worker’s death highlights grim 2016 national stat: trench collapse fatalities have more than doubled OSHA cites 33-year-old man’s employer for willful, serious safety violations WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio – OSHA cited an Ohio company after a 33-year-old employee was crushed to
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GHS-HAZCOM Labeling Compliance: 6/1/16

GHS-HAZCOM can be puzzling; another big piece is about to be dropped into place. GHS-HAZCOM Labeling Compliance: 6/1/16 for Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, must be in place. If you are currently using the ANSI model, you’ll want to switch to GHS to be compliant. What will the changes be? The areas
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Top Forklift Violations

Forklift safety violations consistently appear on OSHA’s list of Most Cited Standards. Below are the most common violations. General Industry Violations: 1910.178(l)(1)(i) – Operator not properly trained (initial) 1910.178(l)(4)(i) – Operator not properly trained (refresher training) 1910.178(l)(6) – Not keeping safe distance from edge of platform 1910.178(p)(1) – Not taking defective truck out-of-operation 1910.178(q)(7) –
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4 Critical Functions of a Safety Committees

Safety committees differ from industry to industry and workplace to workplace. But certain characteristics are common for success At a minimum, a safety committee should perform four critical functions for your organization: 1.   Analyze accident investigation reports and determine root causes. The committee is not the judge and jury on accident investigation, but it does
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Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards for Fiscal 2010

The following is a list of the top 10 most frequently cited standards following inspections of worksites by federal OSHA. OSHA publishes this list to alert employers about these commonly cited standards so they can take steps to find and fix recognized hazards addressed in these and other standards before OSHA shows up. Far too
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