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Accident Reporting Software

CSM’s Accident Reporting Solution helps you track claim details, standardize information regarding the injury or illness sustained, monitor the associated care and medical information, document time off from work or job reassignment associated with the claim, and simplifying OSHA I2P2 compliance.

The CSM Accident Reporting program easily integrates with the rest of our programs, so there’s no double-entry of worker’s information or location specific information. Special features include:

Case Creation Guide
You no longer need to wonder if a claim is ‘reportable’ or ‘recordable,’ you just fill out the information and the proper claims will be populated for your OSHA reports.
OSHA Form Creation
When it comes time to post your OSHA 300, 300A or 301 logs or share them with officials, you can rest assured that all the information for those federal forms will be properly filled out and complete because the system does it for you.
First Report of Injury
Easily email or print your form right from the program, resting in the knowledge that the information will be complete utilizing our form that adheres to state standards.
Personnel Program
Stores employee information for quick access when creating new cases; application encrypts sensitive information to ensure employee privacy.
Case History Log
Comprehensive data tracking creates an ongoing audit trail of all changes, edits or amendments made to a case; tracks the date a change occurs and who makes the change.
Case Summary
Email Attach a spreadsheet summary of selected cases to an email message for quick distribution to supervisory, departmental or management staff.
Trend Analytics & Reports
Information is power, there are powerful new analytics tools to determine your DART score as well as chart and graph injuries in alignment with federal standards specifications that would have taken serious number crunching from past information.

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