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Brake Maintenance

With Operation Air Brake or National Brake Week coming up September 6 thru 12, 2015, it is a great time to go over the recommended step-by-step approach to brake maintenance provided by Truckinginfo.com and Haldex, a nationally known and respected developer and manufacturer of brake systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. Photo via Haldex
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Safety Rating Upgrade! – Are your CSA scores satisfactory?

FMCSA Safety Rating Help Having a poor rating is a serious situation, and it requires action. We have been helping companies like yours with compliance issurs for more than 15 years. At Craig Safety Technologies (CST), we work to get and keep companies DOT compliant – with 100% success rate. Safety ratings are determined by a compliance review
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CSA Scores Will Soon Determine Safety Ratings

CSA Scores Will Soon Determine Safety Ratings  CSA Scores Will Soon Determine Safety Ratings  and if you are a motor carrier you are probably familiar with what your Safety Fitness Rating is and how important it is to your company.  If not, then you need to get familiar with it and see where your company stands.
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Free ICE Kit for Drivers

FREE ICE Kit – In Case of Emergency Kit  as a gift from Craig Safety Technologies in honor of National Driver Appreciation Week. It is very important that both the driver and the family have current contact and descriptive information available in case of emergencies.  You need to have current pictures of you, your tattoos (if any) and your
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