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Risk Management

Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®: November 6- 13, 2016

Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®: November 6- 13, 2016 Here is a reminder  from the National Sleep Foundation that “Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®”,   November 6th through 13th is coming up.  It is a great time to remind drivers about signs and what to do when they are driving.  Help them recognize signs they are drowsy
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GHS-HAZCOM Labeling Compliance: 6/1/16

GHS-HAZCOM can be puzzling; another big piece is about to be dropped into place. GHS-HAZCOM Labeling Compliance: 6/1/16 for Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, must be in place. If you are currently using the ANSI model, you’ll want to switch to GHS to be compliant. What will the changes be? The areas
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When OSHA Comes Knocking in Trucking

When OSHA Comes Knocking in Trucking Posted by Kyle Meinert on Thu, Dec 03,2015 @ 07:30 AM It’s no secret that many transportation professionals might consider an OSHA visit about as likely as a visit from Santa Claus. After all, your greatest concern in terms of regulations and compliance is the Department of Transportation, not OSHA. If
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Safety Rating Upgrade! – Are your CSA scores satisfactory?

FMCSA Safety Rating Help Having a poor rating is a serious situation, and it requires action. We have been helping companies like yours with compliance issurs for more than 15 years. At Craig Safety Technologies (CST), we work to get and keep companies DOT compliant – with 100% success rate. Safety ratings are determined by a compliance review
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