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November 23, 2015

FMCSA shuts down Ohio-based fleet for bevy of maintenance, hours violations

Three-truck Ohio-based fleet Garfield Trucking has been issued an effective shutdown order following a roadside inspection that yielded dozens of violations and subsequent noncooperation from the carrier during an FMCSA inspection. The Jefferson, Ohio-based fleet in one roadside inspection in early October had 43 federal safety violations, FMCSA says, including 13 out-of-service violations, including inoperable
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Highway bill presents tough challenges for FMCSA

Bill Quade is in charge of implementing new programs and regulations for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. From his vantage point, the highway bill now moving through Congress will test the agency’s limited resources. Quade, the associate administrator for enforcement and program delivery at FMCSA, gave a presentation and answered questions from attendees at the CCJ Fall Symposium
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