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March 2013

DOT Launches Free App Featuring Emergency Response Guidebook(ERG)

The mobile ERG(Emergency Response Guidebook) will make it easier for firefighters, police and other emergency first responders to quickly locate the information they need, thanks to an electronic word search function, and will ensure easy reading even during nighttime emergencies. The 2012 version of the ERG includes new evacuation tables for large toxic gas spills
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Top Forklift Violations

Forklift safety violations consistently appear on OSHA’s list of Most Cited Standards. Below are the most common violations. General Industry Violations: 1910.178(l)(1)(i) – Operator not properly trained (initial) 1910.178(l)(4)(i) – Operator not properly trained (refresher training) 1910.178(l)(6) – Not keeping safe distance from edge of platform 1910.178(p)(1) – Not taking defective truck out-of-operation 1910.178(q)(7) –
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